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You’re doing great work today, and you know you can have an even bigger impact in the future. You also know that you’ll need an influx of new funds to expand your services, supplement donor giving, and carry out projects that could change lives and communities. This is where grant writing services come into play.

So, how do you bring in the necessary funds to do all of that? You pursue funding through grants.

The good news is that there are millions of dollars in funding available through governments, corporations, and foundations. The challenge is that securing grant funding isn’t as easy as filling out and submitting an application and waiting for approval.

That’s because the grant writing process is complex, and submitting applications requires a lot of time and energy. As a result, organizations often don’t pursue these incredible funding opportunities.

But these lost grant opportunities don’t have to stay lost.

By hiring a team of experienced grant writers, you can increase your chance of success and put your organization in the running for the sustainable, transformative funds you need to continue making an impact.

Professional Grant Writing Solutions

You might be asking yourself: Do I really need to hire someone to help me research grants, write grant proposals, and submit applications?

To that we say: Think about everything you have done or are currently doing to accomplish your goals and make an impact.

You likely have created a strategic plan to guide your team over the course of the year. You probably pursue multiple funding opportunities to diversify your revenue streams.

And, crucially, you’ve hired the people who are the best of the best in their respective areas of expertise. Think of bringing on an expert grant writer by investing in professional grant writing services as making another smart hiring choice.
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Grant Writing

At Pearl Solutions, our grant writers have over a decade of experience winning grants for our clients. We use that experience and other advantages to help secure the resources you need to fund projects that uplift communities. 

  • $50+ million in funding for our clients
  • 90% success rate for first-time grant applications
  • 100% success rate for repeat grant applications

Our full-service approach to this work includes:

  • Providing grant writing solutions and research services
  • Presenting you with the best grant opportunities for your organization
  • Registering your organization in key governmental databases and searching through multiple grant programs for you
  • Writing and submitting your grant applications
  • Helping you build and maintain meaningful relationships with our organization, funders, and vendors

Experienced writers for many types of grants:

Here are just a few types of grants we’ve helped mission-driven organizations and nonprofits like yours win:

  • Affordable housing grants
  • Arts and culture grants
  • Economic development grants
  • Education grants
  • Environmental protection grants
  • Food security grants
  • Health care and human services grants
  • Historic preservation grants
  • Job training grants
  • Literacy grants
  • Open space and recreation grants
  • Public safety grants
  • Reproductive rights grants
  • Social justice grants
  • Suicide prevention grants
  • Sustainable energy grants
  • Volunteer programs grants
  • Youth programs grants

Wondering if Pearl Solutions is the right fit for your organization? We’d love to talk about how we can help you bring in the funding you need to carry out your mission.

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Grant Strategy

We’re committed to communicating in a clear, transparent, and timely manner from the beginning of our working relationship. Although pursuing grant funding means working under deadlines, we aim to foster a calm and positive environment for everyone involved. 

As we research the best grant opportunities, we keep several things in mind. One important factor in deciding which grants to pursue is whether or not it’s worth your time and money to do so. We will only recommend putting your resources toward opportunities that are viable.

Grant Research

We will research and present grant opportunities that make the most sense for your organization. This saves you crucial resources and increases the likelihood that you’ll win the grants you pursue. As mentioned above, this includes being proactive and registering your organization in key governmental databases.

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Grant Writing FAQ:

When you secure a grant, you have the opportunity to change the way your organization carries out its mission. Keep in mind that applying for a grant requires the kind of time and attention that most organizations don’t have to spare. That’s why trusting grant writing experts like the ones at Pearl Solutions to provide these services is so important.

The honest answer is that it varies. 

The time it takes to complete a grant depends on several factors, including the type of grant you’re applying for and the funder’s expectations. Because the funder sets the timeline, there is no standard amount of time to complete a grant.

When you hire Pearl Solutions, our team will stay on top of your grant application from start to finish to make sure you complete it on time and that it meets all of the funder’s expectations.

Our grant writing fees vary based on the complexity of the project. We believe in transparency, and we will discuss all fees before we begin working with you. 

All payments are due in full upon signing our service agreement. Our engagement with you will be on the terms and conditions of that agreement, which supersede anything to the contrary on this website.

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