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Securing grant funds is an important step in getting the financial resources you need to accomplish your goals and change the world.

In addition to helping your organization navigate the grant process, our team at Pearl Solutions will make sure your grant application or grant proposal meets all of the funder’s grant requirements. This will free you up to focus your attention on what you’re passionate about: uplifting others, improving communities, and scaling your impact.

An Effective Grant Management Solution

There are many steps involved in the grant management process, and each one is crucial to ensuring you properly manage and administer your grant.

Pearl Solutions can help with:

We can provide the writing, researching, and management services you need to apply to and secure the grant that will fund your project. 

But securing the grant is just the beginning.

We’ll contract your nonprofit with the funder or funding entity so you comply with their requirements and maintain a positive, productive, and meaningful relationship with them.

By delivering periodic project and progress reports, we’ll help you meet the reporting requirements that show your funder that your organization is properly stewarding their grant money.

The sealed bid procurement process is the gold standard for ensuring open and fair contracting. Conducting this process on your behalf is just one of the ways we honor our commitment to honesty and integrity.

We believe in developing and maintaining relationships with funders that are built on a foundation of trust. We’ll keep the funder up to date on your progress and show that their funds are being put to good use. This will also show the funder that they’re playing an important role in making an impact on the community you serve.

Submitting documentation for successful reimbursement is just one important aspect of an effective grant management process. You focus on building the project; we’ll make sure you receive the reimbursements you need to continue doing valuable work.

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The grant lifecycle

Identification of Funding Opportunities

The grant lifecycle starts with finding the funding opportunities that match the grant seeker’s goals. We’ll research those for you and ensure you’re only applying for opportunities that your organization is eligible for and that are a good investment of your time, energy, and resources.  

Proposal Development

After you identify the grant you want to apply for, we’ll use our expert grant writing services to develop a proposal that shows the funder why your organization should receive the grant.


After you complete your proposal, it’s time to submit it. The submission process is a complex and time-consuming undertaking. We’ll help you stay on top of every aspect of the application stage so you’re ready to submit by the funder’s deadline.


After the application window closes, the funder will evaluate all submissions. One of the many things the funder will consider is if your proposal meets all of the requirements they specified. We’ll ensure that it does.


The funder will decide which organization will receive the grant. 


The funder will notify the organization that they have received the grant. In the 13+ years we’ve been in business, Pearl Solutions has secured more than $50 million in grant funding for our clients. We also have a 90% success rate for first-time grant applications.

Acceptance & Agreements

Once the organization accepts the grant, all parties involved will sign the required documents. The funder will then release the grant money.


Now that you have the funds you need, you can start working on your project. Keep in mind that there are many types of grants. If applicable, we’ll help you execute cooperative agreements or projects that involve more funder input and involvement in execution.

Monitoring & Reporting

The funder will monitor your progress. We’ll develop and submit the reports that show you’re using the funds in the way they were intended to be used.

Some grants may undergo modifications if there are changes to the project scope, budget, or timeline. Additionally, some grants may be eligible for renewal, subject to specific conditions. If applicable, we’ll help you manage this part of the process.

Final Reporting

We’ll help you submit the final programmatic and financial reports showing how you used the grant to achieve your stated outcomes in line with the funder’s requirements.


The funder will evaluate your progress and see how you used their grant money to make an impact. 

Accounting & Financial Closure

The funder will do a final accounting and determine that the grant has been properly deployed.

Impact Assessment

You’ll assess the impact of your project so you can show other funders why you would be a good steward of their funds.

Knowledge Sharing

At the end of the grant lifecycle, you can report on the impact and communicate that with various stakeholders.

Grant Management FAQ:

Grant management involves:

  • Contracting your nonprofit with the funding entity
  • Preparing multiple project and progress reports
  • Conducting a detailed and carefully monitored sealed bid procurement process 
  • Liaising with the funder
  • Submitting documentation for successful reimbursement

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into applying for your grant. Without quality management and administration services in place, you could breach your grant contract. This could result in your grant being reversed, which means you could lose the grant funds. What’s worse is that poor grant management could damage your chances of receiving future grants. 

Through our expert guidance and support, including technical assistance, we help you manage and administer projects through to completion to ensure that they are compliant with funder requirements.

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