Privacy Policy

Thank you for your interest in our services.  By accessing or using our website, you accept and agree to, and intend to be legally bound by, our privacy practices and policy below, including any changes that may be posted on our website from time to time.  

You should not use our website if you have any objections to any of our privacy practices or our privacy policy.

In these terms, “we”, “us” and “our” means Pearl Solutions, LLC.

Our privacy practices and privacy policy

  1. We will collect certain personally identifying information about you and, if applicable, others in your organization or entity, and will endeavor to keep that information private, as set forth in these privacy practices and privacy policy.

We collect and process your personal information either with your consent or to fulfill our legitimate interest in conducting our business.

When you submit our Grant Inquiry Questionnaire, you provide us with personally identifying information about you and, if applicable, others in your organization or entity.  At a minimum, this includes first and last names, email address, cell phone and physical addresses. 

You may also provide us with additional personally identifiable information through other questions in the Grant Inquiry Questionnaire.

You should not make any statement in the questionnaire that you would not want to become public.  Among other things, you should not make any statement that includes information that you consider confidential or personally private, that you are not authorized to make, or that violates the privacy or other rights of anyone else.

Your information may also be collected by our third-party service providers, such as our web host or analytics providers.  This may include, among other things, your IP address, general location, browser type, language preferences, operating system, device, clicks, time on a page, and search queries.

  1. We do not use, share, or sell your personally identifying information, except for very specific purposes.  These purposes include:
  • To provide or administer our website.
  • To make our services better
  • To learn more about how our website is used and who is using it.
  • To communicate with you
  • To work with our providers of third-party platforms, systems, applications or services
  • To market our services
  • To respond to legal requests
  • To enforce our terms or legal rights we may have.
  1. You have certain rights with regard to your personal information.  You may request that we (i) provide you with access to your personal information, (ii) correct your personal information, (iii) erase your personal information, or (iv) restrict collection or processing of your personal information, including providing it to any third parties. You also have the right to object to processing, to data portability, and to lodge a complaint with the appropriate supervisory authority in your state or country of residence, if any.  The foregoing rights may be subject to certain limitations pursuant to applicable law.
  1. You understand that our website may experience a security breach.  Like any technology, our website may experience a security intrusion, third party disclosure or misuse, or data breach that may expose or make public your personally identifying information.   
  1. You permit us to use automatic data collection technologies, such as “cookies”.  You can remove or block these technologies using the settings in your browser, but in some cases that may impact your ability to access or use our website.
  1. Our privacy practices and privacy policy do not apply to websites linked to or from or using our website or to entities or applications that we do not own or control.  In addition, we do not endorse content, items or services of those websites or third parties, and those websites and third parties may use your information in ways that differ from our privacy practices and privacy policy.

Liability matters

  1. You agree that we will have no responsibility or liability arising from any third-party platforms, systems, applications, or services that we use in connection with our website.  This includes, for example, their performance, legal compliance, or any accidental, unauthorized, or unlawful use, access, disclosure, modification or loss of data (which may include your personally identifying information).
  1. You waive and release all claims, rights, liabilities, and other damages of any kind against us.  This includes claims, rights, liabilities or damages based on number of important matters, including, among others, (i) information on or obtained through our website, (ii) any breach of security or unauthorized disclosure, misappropriation or unauthorized use of or access to your information or (iii) any loss, compromise or inaccuracy of information on our website.
  1. You will have limited legal rights against us.  You agree that we will not be liable under any circumstances to you for any incidental or consequential damages, regardless of the foreseeability of such damages.  In the event that we will be liable to you for any reason, however, you agree that our liability of will not exceed, in the aggregate, the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00).
  1. You will be liable to us for your actions and conduct.  More specifically, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless us and our representatives from and against any and all claims, rights, liabilities or damages of any kind resulting from or in any way connected with your use of our website, content or information you provide, your breach of our terms or privacy practices or policy, or any of your other acts or omissions (whether or not relating to our website or services).